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Aggressive Defense of Your Rights

Let our Experienced Attorneys Help YOU

You would not fill your own cavities, handle your own root canal, or perform your own surgery – and you should not attempt to represent yourself during criminal proceedings that could jeopardize your finances and your freedom. Similarly, the attorney you choose must be experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the criminal system.

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An experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can be crucial if you are facing the wrath of government prosecutors. A drug crime conviction could result in jail or prison time. The successful outcome of your case may depend on whether you choose to have an experienced defense attorney on your side or not: Contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC   today.

Protection of Your Liberty and Freedom is Priceless
As a client of Kreps Law Firm, LLC, you will receive personal and aggressive legal representation. Our drug defense attorneys will:

1. Negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf to minimize the effects of drug charges.
2. Help with creative sentencing programs to meet your needs.

3. Counsel you and help you to cope with the feelings of fear, embarrassment, and low self-esteem that the criminal process may bring. 

4. Describe in detail what a realistic, probable outcome would be if you choose to take  your case to trial.

5. Evaluate your case for possible legal arguments that would be almost impossible for you to discover on your own. 

6.Use our years of experience and familiarity with the court system to assist in your defense.
7. Inform you of the consequences of pleading guilty or being found guilty at trial. 

8. Devote the time to your case that is absolutely necessary to prepare a proper  defense. 

9. Gath information from witnesses through the discovery process and through the use of private investigators.