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In theory, a criminal charge should not interfere with a defendant’s rights. In reality, the scales of justice are weighted heavily against the citizen charged with a drug offense. Kreps Law Firm, LLC holds prosecutors and juries to the proper standard: presumption of innocence and reasonable doubt.

With every word you say to authorities, with every hour that passes, your rights are steadily stripped away. If you are facing any drug charges in Alabama,defense against all criminal drug charges, Our law firm is committed to maximum protection of your constitutional rights – and the minimum impact on your freedom, your finances, and your family.

Drug defense lawyer Joseph C. Kreps stands by his clients to help them face drug charges in state and federal courts of Alabama and federal courts in Florida, Mississippi, and nationwide. He is both a skilled negotiator and an effective trial lawyer. His record of success includes dismissal of charges and reduction of charges to lesser offenses for hundreds of clients in his criminal defense practice.

You are assured of personal attention by our skilled attorneys, not a paralegal or junior associate. Our hard-earned reputation for aggressive defense and adherence to professional standards gives our clients an advantage. From misdemeanor drug possession to crimes involving drug possession to crimes involving out-of-state defendants , we are highly committed to each client and each case, and to seeing that justice is served.

  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association
  • Alabama State Bar Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • Alabama Trial Lawyers’ Association
  • Greater Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association
To provide the highest quality of defense in drug crime prosecutions, our lawyers stay abreast of changes in state and federal drug laws, sentencing tendencies, and court rulings that expand or curtail defendants’ rights.

Contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC o discuss your drug possession, trafficking or importation charges. Time is of the essence if you or a family member faces drug crime prosecution. In your free initial consultation , we will listen to your situation, outline your legal options, and begin building a viable defense. We offer flexible appointments and accept all major credit cards.