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Drug Possession

Have You Been Charged with Drug Possession and Want to Know More about Your Legal Rights?

There is nothing “minor” about an arrest for drug possession or possession with the intent to sell drugs. Zealous prosecutors bring heavy, multiple charges to appease the public. Judges’ hands are often tied with minimum sentencing requirements for a drug conviction.

Your rights can evaporate unless you have the best legal counsel available. Kreps Law Firm, LLC is always available – our phones are answered 24 hours a day. Contact us immediately and ask for Joseph C. Kreps. Our well trained staff and team of experienced attorneys personally handle your case, combining aggressive defense with personal attention, and we are constantly aware of the impact the charges have on you and your family.

Let our Experience Work for YOU

Kreps Law Firm, LLC   offers knowledgeable, vigorous defense of citizens charged with any drug offense, from simple possession to felony charges for possession of major quantities for distribution:

  • Possession of a controlled substance
    • Marijuana, also called pot and hash
    • Cocaine , also called coke and crack
    • Crystal meth(methamphetamine)
    • Ecstasy and MDMA
    • Heroin
    • PCP, LSD, and GHB, also called the “date rape” drug
  • Illegal possession of prescription narcotics (without a prescription)
  • Sale of drugs / possession with intent to distribute
  • Providing controlled substances to a minor
  • Dealing drugs near a school or housing project
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

Our firm also represents clients in driver’s license suspension hearings after they are charged with drug offenses.

Potential penalties depend on the type of controlled substance and the amount. One tiny gram may mean the difference between a jail sentence and hard prison time. (See statutes below for specific crimes and penalties.)

We’ll Fight for the Best Outcome in YOUR Case
As experienced and proven drug possession defense lawyers, we will thoroughly examine the evidence against you to probe for any weakness in the prosecution’s case. We look at all aspects of the government’s conduct in your case and attempt to secure suppression of evidence based on: