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Were You Charged with Possession of Cocaine 
and Are You Unsure What to Do Next?

When you have been arrested for possession of cocaine or another controlled substance in Alabama, the experience and skill of your lawyer can make or break your defense. You need legal representation based on years of experience with state and federal prosecution – an attorney who can protect your rights and help you avoid conviction. Contact Kreps Law Firm today. even with weak or circumstantial evidence.

he Alabama drug crime defense lawyers at Kreps Law Firm, LLC can explain your options if you were arrested, indicted, or questioned by law enforcement for:

  • Possession of cocaine
  • Possession with intent to deliver
  • Distribution or sale of cocaine
  • Possession of precursor chemicals
  • Trafficking in cocaine

Our office has represented clients charged in connection with possessing, distributing and manufacturing cocaine and other controlled substances. Our clients have included people who transport a large shipment of cocaine, drug runners or “drug mules,” and people who smuggle cocaine and other illegal drugs for their private use.

The charges and potential penalties for being in possession of drugs depend on the type of illegal drug, the amount, the extent of your alleged involvement, the prosecution’s evidence, and previous criminal convictions. Regardless of your circumstances, Kreps Law Firm, LLC can help.

he Alabama drug crime defense lawyers at Joseph C. Kreps and our legal team always seek to have charges dismissed by:

  • Proving certain evidence is inadmissible so it is suppressed
  • Exposing misconduct by police or narcotics agents
  • Proving Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations
  • Uncovering other violations of clients’ constitutional rights

Pleading guilty to the straight charges is rarely, if ever, advisable. You are not likely to receive leniency by Alabama prosecutors or judges. In fact, judges may be required to sentence you to a minimum of 10 or 20 years or more in prison under mandatory sentencing guidelines.

Despite tough opposition, we have had considerable success negotiating with municipal, state and federal prosecutors

By identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, we may be able to plead drug smuggling charges to a lesser offense in exchange for a guilty plea, cutting many years off any prison sentence or eliminating the sentence entirely.

Kreps Law Firm, LLC is also fully prepared for going to trial on cocaine trafficking charges. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in handling criminal court proceedings, and will mount an aggressive defense aimed at creating reasonable doubt for the jury to return a verdict of not guilty.