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Was Your Son or Daughter Arrested on Drug Charges
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When your son or daughter is arrested for possession of drugs, you as a parent have many justifiable worries. Will my child go to jail? Will a criminal record keep her out of college? Will his life be ruined because of one mistake?

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Without a good lawyer, punishment for conviction can be as severe as for an adult drug Kreps Law Firm, LLC immediately to protect your child's rights. Based in Birmingham, we practice regularly in the juvenile courts in Jefferson County and statewide.

At Kreps Law Firm, LLC, we seek to minimize the impact of drug charges on the lives of our underage clients - both short-term and long-term consequences. We have defended many youthful offenders against a variety of juvenile drug crimes:

  • Possession or marijuana,, cocaine ecstasy, crystal meth, or other narcotics
  • Possession of lab prescription drugs without a prescription
  • Drug dealing in a school zone or other locations
  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Manufacture of controlled substances such as crystal meth
  • Weapons or violence charges connected to drug crimes

We Will Fight for the Best Solution to Your Child's Case

Depending on the age of the defendant and criminal history, a juvenile court judge will determine whether to grant "youthful offender" status. Juveniles who do not qualify may face adult charges, resulting in lengthy incarceration if they are convicted.

At Kreps Law Firm, LLC ur team argues strongly on behalf of minors to be adjudicated as youthful offenders. Under this status:

  • Criminal charges are kept off the juvenile's record if he or she does not re-offend
  • Juveniles can avoid incarceration and instead be remanded to drug treatment, boot camp, or other alternative sentences

We thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the arrest, and when appropriate, we challenge:

  • The legality of the traffic stop, search and seizure, or warrant
  • The conduct of police and prosecutors
  • Any statement made under coercion or duress
  • Any violation of Miranda rights (e.g., refusing the right to legal counsel)

If we cannot obtain dismissal of charges through suppression of illegally obtained evidence, our criminal defense attorneys will try to negotiate charges down to a lesser crime. If a trial is warranted, we aggressively cross-examine witnesses, law enforcement personnel, and informants to secure a not-guilty verdict.

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Your child needs quality legal counsel for protection against overly zealous prosecution.Contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation about juvenile drug charges. Our attorneys are accessible day and night.


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