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Importation Of Drugs

Have You Been Charged with Drug Smuggling
and Do You Need Aggressive Defense?

If you were caught or accused of smuggling a controlled substance into the United States, the quality of your legal representation can make all the difference. You need a committed attorney with knowledge of state, federal and international drug laws - an attorney who understands all the dangers you face.

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At Kreps Law Firm, LLC, our Alabama drug crime defense lawyers can explain your options if you have been arrested, were indicted, or are under investigation by federal agents for:

Our law firm has represented U.S. citizens and can also assist foreign nationals charged in connection with importing illegal controlled substances. Our clients have included people connected to a large shipment of drugs, those charged as a drug runner or "drug mule," and people smuggling illegal drugs into the country for their own use.

The punishment you could face if convicted of importing drugs depends on the type of controlled substance, the amount, how you were allegedly involved, the evidence against you, and your criminal history. At Kreps Law Firm, LLC , no matter the facts of your case, we are ready and able to help you.

Aggressive Defense of Your Rights

At Kreps Law Firm, LLC, our attorneysstrive to get the importation charges against our clients dismissed. We have been successful in doing this by suppressing inadmissible evidence, uncovering police misconduct, and showing how our clients' Fourth Amendment or other constitutional rights were violated.

When the evidence against our clients is strong, we pursue aggressive plea bargaining when appropriate. We have had considerable success negotiating with state and federal prosecutors to plead drug smuggling charges to a lesser offense in exchange for a guilty plea. We may be able to reduce the amount of prison time or eliminate a sentence altogether.

Prosecutors are also willing to reduce or dismiss charges against defendants who turn state's evidence. We fully understand that testifying or even revealing the identities of co-conspirators may endanger our clients' lives. However, we are prepared to negotiate on your behalf if this is your only option to avoid major prison time. Ultimately, you decide which route to take, and our job is to secure and present each and every option available to you.

The defense lawyers at Kreps Law Firm, LLC are also fully prepared for going to trial on drug trafficking and importation charges. We have extensive experience in the courtroom, and we provide aggressive defense and clear evidence aimed at creating reasonable doubt for the jury. Our goal at trial is to make sure you hear "not guilty" when the verdict is read.

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All consultations on drug importation charges are conducted discreetly and kept in strictest confidence. Contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC to protect your rights and discuss your legal options.


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