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Alabama police officers and prosecutors have mounted an aggressive crackdown on crimes involving the production, distribution, possession, and use of methamphetamines, often referred to as crystal meth. Under new state laws, you can be charged for a serious drug crime for merely possessing certain chemicals, tools, or apparatus. Even if the evidence against you is thin, don't expect leniency from state prosecutors.

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If you have been charged with possession of illegal narcotics under the methamphetamine statute, contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC immediately. Our drug defense lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to come to your defense. Based in Birmingham, we offer criminal defense representation for people charged with meth crimes and meth operations in the Sand Mountain area and throughout the state of Alabama.

You can be assured that you will be protected by experienced, skilled defense if you face drug charges for:

  • Crystal meth possession or distribution
  • Operating a clandestine meth lab
  • Trafficking in meth or possession of large quantities
  • Possession or importation of precursor chemicals
  • Possession of firearms in connection with meth production
  • Pharmacists and pharmacy staff accused of stealing or selling precursors

(See Meth Statutes )

Countering the Anti-Meth Mania

Prosecution for meth crimes has reached a fever pitch, and many citizens have been wrongfully accused of meth crimes or wrongfully caught up in state prosecutors' mission to stamp out drug crimes.

A new federal law makes it a crime to possess too much Sudafed, the over-the-counter decongestant medication. Simply possessing a certain amount of pseudoephedrine (an ingredient commonly used in meth production) can lead to felony charges of "possession of a precursor." It is also illegal to possess anhydrous ammonia and certain other substances considered precursor chemicals for meth production.

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In defending our clients against meth charges,Kreps Law Firm, LLC works hard to minimize the impact on the lives of our clients and their families. If you are charged with crystal meth possession or precursor possession, we will challenge every part of the prosecution's case, from whether the police officer had probable cause to make a traffic stop to whether the search warrant violated your constitutional rights.

We have been successful in suppressing key evidence, having the charges dismissed or reduced, and negotiating favorable pleas for our clients. Our goal is to find the holes in the prosecution's case, and we leave no stone unturned in examining whether our clients' Fourth Amendment rights were violated by police or prosecutors.

Contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer about your situation. We will provide an honest assessment of the likely outcome, and aggressively fight the meth charges at trial when necessary.

13A-12-217. Unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance; second degree

(a) A person commits the crime of unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance in the second degree if, except as otherwise authorized in state or federal law, he or she does any of the following:

(1) Manufactures a controlled substance enumerated in Schedules I to V, inclusive.

(2) Possesses precursor substances as determined in Section 20-2-181, in any amount with the intent to unlawfully manufacture a controlled substance.

(b) Unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance in the second degree is a Class B felony (minimum 2 years in prison, up to 20 years).

13A-12-218. Unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance: first degree

(a) A person commits the crime of unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance in the first degree if he or she violates Section 13A-12-217 and two or more of the following conditions occurred in conjunction with that violation:

(1) Possession of a firearm.

(2) Use of a booby trap.

(3) Illegal possession, transportation, or disposal of hazardous or dangerous materials or while transporting or causing to be transported materials in furtherance of a clandestine laboratory operation, there was created a substantial risk to human health or safety or a danger to the environment.

(4) A clandestine laboratory operation was to take place or did take place within 500 feet of a residence, place of business, church, or school.

(5) A clandestine laboratory operation actually produced any amount of a specified controlled substance.

(6) A clandestine laboratory operation was for the production of controlled substances listed in Schedule I or Schedule II.

(7) A person under the age of 17 was present during the manufacturing process.

(b) Unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance in the first degree is a Class A felony (minimum 10 years, up to life in prison).

Code of Ala. § 13A-12-219 (2006)

§ 13A-12-219. Unlawful possession of anhydrous ammonia

(a) A person commits the crime of unlawful possession of anhydrous ammonia if he or she purchases, possesses, transfers, or distributes any amount of anhydrous ammonia, knowing, or under circumstances where one reasonably should know, that the anhydrous ammonia will be used to unlawfully manufacture a controlled substance.

(b) Unlawful possession of anhydrous ammonia is a Class B felony .

Contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC today to learn more about Alabama meth charges and your legal options if you are facing serious drug charges.


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